Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dominical Costa Rica

Currency - Colones $1US = 530 Colones (most places take US $'s)
Bus from Quepos to Dominical - $1870.00 Colones - 1 1/2 hours
Dominical is a sleepy little surf town about 44 km down the coast from Manuel Antonio. Last year they got most of the road paved between the 2 which makes the traveling easier, but still a windy twisty sometimes bumpy ride.

All restaurants in Cost Rica add a 25% tax to your bill, this can come as a not so nice surprise. No way to avoid it unless you eat at the road side stands

The folks at the hostel in Manuel Antonio recommended a place called Tortilla flats. I thought it would be a hostel but it was not they rent cabana's for $30.00 US a night. A little more than I was budgeting for but... They had a room that the toilet didn't work in that they would rent for $20.00 I would just have to use the one behind the bar. No biggy, shower worked, sink worked and I had my own room so I took it. It actually sleeps 4 so I was living like a queen. It is right across the road from the beach, I could see the beach from the hammock in front of my cabana. They also have a bar that has some very tasty food, nice cold beers and yummy blender drinks. When you get off the bus head down the road to the right, go to the beach, make a left and it is just down the street on the right hand side. Not many spring breakers here, just a few. Too far off the beaten path for them.

Dominical is know for it's surfing, it has been a well kept secret and a pain in the ass to get to for over 20 years. I did meet some old timers who have had places down there for over 20 years, nice folks and die hard surfers. As it has become more popular the prices have gone up especially real estate. Hearing stories about how they bought places for $5000.00 20 years ago hurt, no way could you touch a place for that now.

You can rent a board just about anywhere in town the going rate is about $20.00 US for the day. There are also a multitude of places that offer lessons. All along the beach there are signs telling people how to get out of rip tides. Apparently they have some really bad ones and they do not recommend swimming. They have some of the best life guards in the country and if they see you out over your waist without a board you will get the whistle to come back in. Can't blame them who would want to risk their life to save a dumb ass that has suicidal tendencies, natural selection at work.

I did attempt a little surfing, however my girlie chicken arms made it a very short session. Not enough time swinging the backpack around yet to build up muscle. I don't do big waves, just the little break ones so paddling out wasn't the issue, it was the push up that got me. Hopefully I will have more muscles by the time I get to Ecuador. The big kid surfers were all loving it. This is a link to a page with some surf information and there is a video, most of the accommodations are out of my price range so I never saw the ones they advertise but the site has some great info and surfing footage.

After 3 days I opted to continue on my journey, next stop Panama City. Little did I realize it would be a 17+ hour journey.

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  1. I love the picture of the girl on the horse..just a typical day in costa rica!..ahh must be nice!